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911BC Member Profiles

The 911BC team has experience in K9 training, forensics, and law enforcement. We are serious about our work, and very proud of our achievements, both as individuals and as a team.

A.J. Marhofke, founder of 911BC, has been a K9 forensic evidence instructor since 1969. Specializing in evidence preservation, evidence recovery, and crime scene management, he travels with his dogs at the request of law enforcement agencies to participate in both new "hot" cases as well as "cold" cases that have been pending for as long as 20 years or more. AJ and Zip also travel throughout the United States providing informational seminars and training in K9 forensics for many types of organizations.

In 2007, A.J. and Zip logged over 625 hours of search time in 22 cases for 29 separate police agencies. A.J. is a qualified expert witness in the field of K-9 forensic evidence. He is a paramedic, a CPR/AED instructor, a helicopter safety training instructor and he has served as both a deputy medical examiner and death scene investigator

Founding Member

K-9 Trainer since 1969
Active Search/Cadaver dog handler since 1989
EMT (Paramedic) qualified 1972
CPR/AED Instructor
Evidence Preservation
Forensic Evidence Recovery
Crime Scene Management
Forensic Photography
Helicopter Safety Training Instructor
Vietnam Dog Handlers Association Member
Jungle/Wilderness Survival
K-9 Forensic Evidence Instructor
K-9 First aid (trauma) Instructor
Founder 911BC K-9 Search & Recovery
Forensic Pathology
Past Deputy Medical Examiner/ Investigator
Wisconsin EMS Association Member
Active Member of WCMEA
K-9 Evaluator
Wisconsin Emergency Management Police Services Division
Forensics K9

Zip is a 10 year old Border Collie. Forensics Evidence Searches are his specialty. Zip just gets better with age - he continues to learn new things and excel at what he does, and regularly exceeds certified standards.

Forensics K9


About Jessica:

Jessica Struzik Jessica Franke
Computer Geek since 1985
Designing Websites since 1995
911BC Webmistress & Friend since 1999
Owner: Green Web Design & 50 States Classifieds
Building & Repairing Computers & Networks since 2002

My contributions to the team are largely on a technical and advisory level. I have been a friend of AJ and 911BC for about 11 years. My various duties have included Website Designer, Marketing & PR, Copy Editing and Letter Writing, Technical Support, Network Consultant, Moral Support, a Sounding Board for ideas, and on a few occasions, Backup K9 Handler for Molly Mae and Zip.

I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to be a part of 911BC and contribute to the growth of the organization. I am especially glad to know AJ, whose hard work, dedication, selflessness, and big heart are an inspiration to me. I am pleased to volunteer my skills as a webmaster to the 911BC website.

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