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Latest News:
Zip has been diagnosed with a rapidly growing terminal cancer by UW-Madison. Please keep him in your prayers and your hearts.

911BC is a nonprofit, volunteer, forensic evidence recovery team based in Wisconsin.  Our primary goal is to provide assistance to various government agencies by locating forensic evidence and human remains. Federal, state, and local authorities may call us to crime scenes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trained, experienced human and canine team members will respond to missing persons searches, homicides, suicides, natural disasters, or other tragic events at no charge to the requesting agency.

Our purpose in making this web site is to provide government agencies, the public, and other groups with helpful information, and to interact with the search and recovery community.


We would like to take this opportunity to mention something that is very important. It is becoming more and more common to find individuals and even groups who are "less than scrupulous" in representing themselves. Make sure that when choosing a SAR team, you ask for references as well as hours logged in training for each K9 and handler in the group. A legitimate team will be more than happy to provide professional references (such as police, fire, and other recommendations.) Be particularly wary of anyone who wants to charge you for their services. Most legitimate teams are strictly volunteer and will not accept any payment. There are individuals out there who will be happy to give you false hope so that they can charge for services, and they will not be deterred by the fact that your loved one is missing or even because it's the right thing to do. They may think that since you are distraught, you will be an easy target. If someone seems to be in it for the money, then they probably aren't legitimate.

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