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AJ Marhofke preparing for a search
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911BC is comprised entirely of volunteers and does not receive any sort of federal aid or funding. All expenses associated with training the dogs and their handlers to be ready for disaster scenarios and search and recovery are paid by the volunteers of 911BC, and those expenses can be quite overwhelming. We work closely with local police departments in missing persons searches, and we work with the community to train and educate people and their dogs through seminars, demonstrations, and other programs.

Making a donation to a Search and Recovery group is actually like making an investment in your community. In a tragedy such as the one in New York, Search and Recovery treams are called in from around the country and even the world to search for survivors and missing persons. We were one of the many teams who responded to the WTC tragedy. Many communities would like to have their own teams, but the prohibitive cost of training and maintaining such groups can be daunting. If you would like to invest in your community's future, please consider making a donation to 911BC.

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911BC K-9 Search & Recovery
202 Anderson Drive
Johnson Creek, WI 53038

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