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911BC is a nonprofit, volunteer forensic evidence team based in Dousman, WI. We pay all related expenses for travel and purchase of equipment. Veterinary service is provided by Beth Mayer, D.V.M. at Bark River Animal Hospital in Dousman, WI.

911BC began shortly after the 1995 bombing of the of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, when it became apparent that search dogs were a valuable asset to any community. Few events in the past century have rocked American's perception of themselves and their institutions, and brought together the people or our nation with greater intensity.

AJ Marhofke preparing for a search
AJ & Zip Preparing for a search

A.J. Marhofke, founder of 911BC, has been a K9 forensic evidence instructor, specializing in evidence preservation, evidence recovery and crime scene management since 1969. He travels with his dogs all over the country at the request of law enforcement agencies, to participate in both new "hot" cases as well as "cold" cases that have been pending for as long as 20 years. In 2004, A.J., Mollie Mae and Zip have logged over 200 hours of search time in 17 cases for 9 separate police agencies. A.J. is a qualified expert witness in the field of K-9 forensic evidence. He is a paramedic, a CPR/AED instructor, a helicopter safety training instructor and he has served as both a deputy medical examiner and death scene investigator

All of the personnel who make up 911BC K9 Search & Recovery are professionals. We volunteer our time and train several times each month.  We pay all related expenses for feeding, travel, and purchase of needed equipment out of our own pockets, and we occasionally receive donations as well. 

Our unit provides canine search services within Waukesha County and surrounding areas. We will respond to any official agency, day or night, under any conditions in which the dog can efficiently operate.  911BC provides it's service at no charge to the requesting agency.

911BC also presents educational seminars and short presentations to official agencies, groups, schools, and other organizations about search & rescue, search dogs, forensic searches, and related topics.  We do travel - If you are able to provide airfare and lodging, we will travel within the United States to speak to your organization. We can customize a training seminar accoring to your group's needs. If you would like further information, please contact us.

Oklahoma City Bombing - We Remember

Our Mission:

To find or aid people in distress.
To assist law enforcement agencies with forensic evidence searches.
To educate agencies on how K9 Forensic Search can enhance their capabilities.

Our Goal:

To provide an air scent, search dog team trained for efficient canine search in the following areas:
Missing persons search in both wilderness and urban settings.
To assist with the location of drowning victims.
To locate deceased victims.
To locate articles of evidence at a crime scene.
To locate victims in rubble in case of fire or natural disasters.

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